Supporting those with Developmental Disabilities

A 12-year study about developmental disabilities indicated 13.87 percent of individuals suffered from developmental disabilities. The most common type of disability is learning disabilities, while the least common is autism. Developmental disabilities cover a broad spectrum. ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, intellectual disability are all part of the developmental disability spectrum.

Unfortunately, a person’s developmental disability can be so severe the person needs to live in a group home or monitored apartment complex. Case managers, who evaluate and report on their progress, continually monitor the individuals suffering from developmental disabilities.

During the 12-year study, the prevalence of autism increased 289.5%. In 2012 14.6 percent of children, or 1 in every 68, identified as being on the autism spectrum. Approximately 10% of individuals who have autism will also have another chromosomal disorder.

The total cost to assist children with Autism is between 11.5 billion and 60.9 billion dollars. Medical bills, daytime care and other miscellaneous expenses add up. Organizations like Covenant Enabling Residence of Illinois can help people with developmental disabilities, but with reductions in state funding, they need financial support.

Holly Geraci and her husband, Peter Francis Geraci, support organizations whose mission is to help individuals suffering from developmental disabilities. Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci support Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois (CER). During the month of October, ther Geracis' issued a one-night only "Gala Grant Challenge." In total, the challenge raised over $50,000. But more important, the community pulled togehter to support a terrific organization raise both money and awareness to individuals suffering from developemental disabilities.