Helping Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois

Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois is a ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church, administered under the auspices of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence. From its beginning in 1886, the church has cared for those in need. The Covenant’s tradition of excellence and compassion embraces adults with developmental disabilities.

Originally an outreach of Covenant Women Ministries, the first Covenant residence for adults with developmental disabilities, Bjorklund House, opened near Chicago in 1994. There are now ten Covenant Enabling Residences in three states. One, Independence Place, is a community integrated living arrangement; the others offer supportive and semi-independent living services. The most recent addition, Unity Place in Oak Forest, IL, opened in August 2015.

Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois is currently exploring various opportunities to expand our ministries into the northern and western suburbs of Chicago. Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois is also working with local Covenant churches in Colorado and California to look at ministry opportunities in those states as well. In recent years, Covenant Enabling Residences of Illinois opened two new homes on the campus of Covenant Village of the Great Lakes in Grand Rapids, MI which presents the potential for intergenerational, volunteer and employment opportunities. Covenant Women Ministries continues its work with us through fund development, volunteerism and spiritual support.

Covenant Enabling Residences is tightly woven into the fabric of many Covenant ministries. Church conferences, in Illinois the Central Conference, partner with us to develop residences. Their members provide leadership, contribute financially and work with us as volunteers. National Covenant Properties provides loans for new construction. Covenant Trust Company helps those who want to support our ministry with legacy gifts. Where possible as in Northbrook, Covenant Retirement Communities works with us to develop enabling residences that will benefit from the synergy of being located on the campus of a retirement community.

Peter Francis Geraci & Holly Geraci completed a one-night only challenge for Covenant Enabling Residences. The "CER Gala Challenge," as it was called, raised over $50,000 in one night. In total, Help Holly Help has helped raise over $100,000. Past challenges include Rockford Rescue Mission. The current challenge is The Alano Club of Lahaina.