Helping Lawrence Hall

Lawrence Hall is a community-based agency changing lives of at-risk children and their families in Chicago. Our continuum of care embraces children of trauma, heals the neglected, and creates resilient futures. We provide highly specialized and individualized care for children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral challenges (due to trauma, violence, abandonment, or exploitation) through the following core services: 1) Workforce development programming through PROJECT WORK; 2) FOSTER CARE through Traditional, Home-of-Relative, Specialized, and Treatment Foster Family Home placements; 3) Special Education through a THERAPEUTIC DAY SCHOOL program and Diagnostic Education; 4) an acute care CHILD AND FAMILY TREATMENT CENTER; and 5) TRANSITIONAL/INDEPENDENT LIVING programs for older adolescents Throughout all of LH’s programs, youth are offered clinical care through traditional mental health and medical services, as well as SPECIALIZED SERVICES, including Therapeutic Recreation, Expressive (Music) Therapies, as well as Youth Leadership programming. The seamless transition between levels of care within each program and across programs equips our youth with the tools and skills they need to set them on the path toward becoming proud, productive members of society.