Helping Lincoln Park Zoo

Founded in 1868 the Lincoln Park Zoo is nearly 150 years old. The Zoo started with a pair of swans, added a bear and now houses animals of various habitats. The zoo has over 15 exhibits, including: penguins, farm animals, lions, reptiles and sea lions; to name a few.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is a one of the few free admission zoos in the United States. The zoo has over 1,100 animals and a burr oak tree dating back to 1830. The zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and was founded in 1868.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is always looking forward to building exihibits and programming to make visitor experiences more enjoyable.

Holly B. Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci support the Lincoln Park Zoo. Holly is a member of the Women's board of the Lincoln Park Zoo. The women's board is comprised of 80 active members from teh Chicago area and surrounding suburbs.